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William P. Callahan

William P. Callahan Esq., is a former federal prosecutor and former New York State Police Officer. Mr. Callahan is a member of the New York Bar and is duly licensed as an Attorney At Law.

Mr. Callahan served in the Department of Justice as a trial lawyer in the Criminal Division and Narcotics Section of New York and D.C. While with the Department of Justice, Mr. Callahan was assigned as Regional Counsel to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Task Force) New York with ODALE, (Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement) overseeing federal enforcement of narcotics laws. He was appointed by the Director of ODALE and Special Assistant to the President to be the Coordinator of CENTAC 2 (DEA – Central Tactical Unit). His combined experience as both a former prosecutor and police officer provides the edge you need to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Mr. Callahan entered into the private practice of law in 1980, acting principally as Investigative Counsel to the Bar. From 2005 – 2010, Mr. Callahan was appointed by the Federal District Court, SDNY (Judge Charles S. Haight, Jr.) to be the Court’s Independent Investigator charged with enforcing the terms of a Consent Decree involving the District Council Carpenters (Carpenter’s Union) and enforcement of all applicable Federal, State and Local laws.

Mr. Callahan served on active duty in the United States Navy (Air Wing) for a combined total of eight years of active duty and active reserve status. He received specialized training and schooling in Naval Air specialty schools such as Airman’s School (10 weeks) which included intense basic air training leading to crew member qualification status in fixed wing patrol aircraft. Stationed in Norfolk, VA. He attended and completed 53 weeks of intensive schooling in aviation electronics countermeasure school. He thereafter served as a crew member on board the Lockheed P2V aircraft as a countermeasures specialist based out of Guantanamo Naval Air Station, Cuba.

In 2012, Mr. Callahan formed the Callahan & Robinson, P.C. law firm with an emphasis on defense related matters, including speeding tickets.

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Money Laundering Investigations
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Bar and Court Admissions
Member NY Bar
U.S. District Court, SDNY
U.S. District Court EDNY
Second Circuit Court of Appeals
Third Circuit Court of Appeals
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Federal Appointments

Appointed by Judge Charles S. Haight, Jr.,
U.S. District Court, SDNY, as Independent Investigator
Under a Consent Decree over the Carpenter’s Union


President & CEO, United Intelligence Group, Inc
NY Licensed Private Investigator
Director, The London Security Group, Co.UK
International Bar Association, London, UK

Joseph A. Robinson

Joseph A. Robinson, Esq. is admitted to practice law in New York State and New Jersey State & Federal Courts. Mr. Robinson graduated with honors from the University of Florida and received a law degree from the University’s Levin College of Law. There he achieved an accommodation for Appellate Advocacy. As a practicing attorney, Mr. Robinson is noted for his defense of clients against criminal accusations.

Mr. Robinson has a passion for criminal court defense issues especially when there is a sense of injustice or where he can provide help to any person. Prior to becoming a Partner with Callahan & Robinson, P.C., Mr. Robinson worked for the Law Office of William P. Callahan.

Mr. Robinson firmly believes even small criminal matters are deserving of Callahan & Robinson, P.C.’s full legal array of defensive strategies, including providing defense for the over one million traffic related violations, citations and arrests occurring yearly in the New York City and greater New York area. Mr. Robinson has handled many cases with success in both City and State Courts and is passionate about fighting for your rights.

Mr. Robinson cares about his clients and will fight hard to win your case.

Related Practices

Criminal Defense
Traffic Defense
Administrative Hearings

Bar and Court Admissions

Member of New York State Bar Association
Admitted to practice in NY State Courts
Admitted to practice in NJ State & Federal Courts

Steven L. Stites, Esq. (Of Counsel)

For the past four years, Steven Stites has defended more motorists in traffic court than any attorney in New York. Steve cares about his clients, and they appreciate that he is responsive and understanding of their concerns. And Steve gets results. He wins cases and defends his clients' driving privileges.

Callahan & Robinson, P.C.

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